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WonderLabs with Chris Richardson

Feb 21, 2021

Helen Halliday, AKA Helen the Food Coach, is a registered nutritional therapist working remotely with clients through the coronavirus pandemic. Helen helps people to define and achieve health goals relating to diet, sleep, and exercise.

In this episode we talk about what a nutritional therapist is and isn’t, how to separate sage advice from snake oil, and how to define and stay motivated to achieve your health goals. We also discuss the Healthy Trinity of diet, sleep, and exercise, and the power that mindfulness has to augment them all. Simple suggestions for the Healthy Trinity are included below.

To find out more, request a copy of Helen’s health goal tracker, or attempt a selection of tasty recipes, head over to



The Healthy Trinity: Sleep, Diet, and Exercise.

Sleep: Avoid technology, avoid alcohol before bed, and get as many hours as you need.

Diet: Balance protein, fat, and carbs, with some micronutrients for good measure.

Exercise: Get a mix of cardio, strength, and stretching into your weekly routine.

Bonus: Begin a short five-minute morning meditation practice.