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WonderLabs with Chris Richardson

Jan 10, 2021

T. Fitzgerald is label head at For The Record, a UK-based collective of producers and DJs. The label creates immersive, hypnotic and transcendent music from the minimal end of house and techno for clubs and home listening.

In this episode we talk about the journey from playing in basements to pressing your first vinyl, the relative value of physical and digital media, and defining music based on the experience it creates. We also discuss the interplay of music and art, how the scene is adapting to lockdown measures, and the impact this is likely to have on the future of clubbing and music production.

T. Fitzgerald’s first EP, A Formal Introduction, is available from the usual online record stores: 

For more tracks, mixes, guest mixes, and radio shows, plug in your headphones and check out For The Record’s SoundCloud