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WonderLabs with Chris Richardson

Aug 4, 2019

Maggi Brisbin is a marine ecologist specializing in plankton, their community dynamics, and how they influence nutrient cycles. Her current focus is a marine algae called Phaeocystis, which lives freely, forms colonies, and also lives as a symbiont inside another marine organism.

In this episode we explore the different lifestyles adopted by Phaeocystis, and its role in regulating processes associated with climate change. We also have a broader discussion on success in biology, including the potential manipulation of humans by wheat (yes, you read that correctly!). Finally, we talk about some of Maggi’s recent ocean activism efforts here in Japan.

To catch up with Maggi about all things ocean related, including her #TinyPrettyTuesday photo sharing session, you can find her on Twitter @MargaretBrisbin.